Up and Coming

Up and coming activities and events will be listed here as it becomes available.

Lenten Mini Mission 2020

A series of recorded talks will be given after soup suppers.
Soup suppers are after 5:30 p.m. Mass at St. Mary’s on Mondays during Lent.

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3/2/20 1.  It’s Time to Grow Up Fr. John Riccardo Id916 Meeting, 2019
3/9/20 2. The Final Confrontation Dr. Ralph Martin The Gathering, 2018
3/16/20 3. An Abortion Survivors Story Abbey Johnson

Gianna Jessa

Fox News Interview, 2019

House of Commons, Victoria, AU, 2008

3/23/20 4. It all Begins with Prayer Fr. Augustine Torres

Jim Cavezal

SLS Conference 2020

SLS Conference 2019

3/30/20 5. On Mission Christy Dupuis New Evangelization Summit, Ottowa, CN, 2018
4/6/20 6. Living with an Eternal Perspective Ken Yasinski New Evangelization Summit, Ottowa, CN, 2015

Discovering Christ

Do you have a personal relationship with the Lord?  Learn more about your purpose in this world and what the Lord wants for you.   This program will run on Saturdays from May 11th through June 29th from 9:30 am til noon at Saint Bartholomew Church Hall.