Cemetery Regulations


Regulations for Grave Holders

As a Catholic cemetery, Holy Cross cemetery is intended for the burial of the remains of deceased Roman Catholics and members of their families who may not be Catholic. If one of the parties is not Catholic, and wants his/her spouse to be buried in the Catholic cemetery, it is possible provided the marriage has been blessed in a Catholic church, with a dispensation from the local Bishop, and the Catholic party stating he/she is willing to participate in and practice the Catholic faith. The Holy Cross Cemetery committee has approved the following rules and regulations:


Burial rights may be sold to Roman Catholics only.
All the interments and removals are subject to the Canon Law of the Catholic Church, the rules and regulations of the Diocese of La Crosse, The State of Wisconsin, plus the rules and regulations of this cemetery.
Only a duly authorized Roman Catholic cleric may officiate at the interment service. Any other person to officiate at interment services must have the approval of the St. Bartholomew Parish Priest.
All funerals upon entering the cemetery shall be under the exclusive charge and sole direction of the Pastor or his delegate.
No workmen other than employees of the cemetery will be permitted to work in the cemetery without prior approval of the superintendent.
Grave holders purchase burial rights in said grave. Title of land remains vested in the name of the cemetery.
Charges being assessed at this time for parish members are as follows:
1 grave…$300.00 ($150.00, plus $150.00 for perpetual care)
2 graves…$600.00 ($300.00, plus $300.00 for perpetual care)
Grave for non-parish member is $600.00 per grave. A church member is defined as an envelope holder and supporter of our Parish on a regular basis. You will be charged as a non-member if you are not an envelope holder and supporter.
Regular burials must be in a vault; construction may be of metal or concrete.
There is a $400.00 grave opening fee for all burials in this cemetery. The fee for cremation burials is $150.00
For cremation burials the cemetery allows two urns per grave. Cremation burials do not require a vault.
Grave holders who wish to relinquish burial rights are to sell the grave back to the cemetery at the original purchase price. Grave cannot be re-sold to someone else by the grave holder.


Monuments or markers may not be installed on a grave until the grave purchase price is paid in full.
All memorials shall be of the following material: granite, marble or bronze. Discretion should be used by owners regarding height and length of monument.
All monuments shall be erected on a concrete foundation provided by the monument company at the expense of the grave owner.
All memorial work, including placement and removal of memorials and inscriptions shall be on the written order of the grave holder and with authorization of the cemetery superintendent. The owner shall be responsible for the expenses involved.


All graves shall be maintained level with the established grade and shall be grassed over.
Potted plants and cut flowers are permitted provided they are placed in approved cemetery-type vase or urn.
Artificial flowers may be used but must be mounted on the tombstone and not stuck in the ground.
Flags and artificial flowers may be placed on graves no more than five days before Memorial Day, Independence Day and Veterans Day. Flags and flowers not placed in the foundation shall be removed five days after each holiday.
Emblems for organizations are to be installed at the time the markers footings are poured. Veteran emblems of the type that is level with the ground only, may be centered immediately in front of the monument or grave marker.
Other decorative objects not specified above are not permitted inasmuch as they are apt to conflict with the beauty and appearance established for the cemetery. Objects in violation of these regulations shall be removed at once and without notice.
All decorative objects that are approved items shall be removed at such a time when in the judgment of the cemetery caretakers their condition and appearance warrant removal.


Fences, hedges, coping, curbing and other enclosures around or within graves are not permitted. They create a cluttered appearance and add greatly to the cost of maintenance.
Only the cemetery may plant trees, shrubs, bushes, and perennials. Uncontrolled planting by individuals destroys the overall landscape plan for the cemetery.
Cement, iron, wood, glass, plastic, and similar objects of a temporary nature, including vigil lights, are prohibited because of their unsuitable appearance and susceptibility to damage. Objects in violation of the prohibitions shall be removed without notice or liability on the part of the cemetery.
These regulations have been adopted for your record.
Effective date: October 1, 2007


Fr. Antony Joseph
Ed Smith, Cemetery Committee Chairman
Roger Amundson, Committeeman