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Religious Education

First class for 2022-2023 is September 21.

We will be following the G-E-T school district calendar.


Classes are planned for Wednesday evenings from 6:15 – 7:30 pm

St. Bartholomew's Parish Councils

Cherie Schwertel
Roger Amundson
Darlene Schlesser
Rebecca Lamberty
Daniel Lilla
Al Joyce
Kay Richtman
Candice Guenther

Roger Amundson
Marlene James
Edward Smith
Dan Lilla
Larry Sonsalla
Tom Greylak
Patty Behan
Laurelle Lettner
Kris Krett

Chair: Dan Lilla
Marlene James
Patty Behan

Larry Sonsalla
Tom Greylak
Roger Amundson
Ed Smith

President: Kay Richtman 
Secretary: Jane Wernecke
Treasurer: Darlene Schlesser

Commission Chairs:
Spirituality: Marlene James
Service: MaryKay Plunger
Leadership: Carol Krett

Grand KnightGreg Goltz
Finance SecretaryKirk Shimek
TreasurerEd Smith